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  • With our email advertising service, we provide you with a platform to showcase your product or service to our 35,000+ email recipients ... the largest subscriber list on the island, plus thousands more via our facebook and Instagram pages.

  • We guarantee you that provided your message is clear, and your offering is compelling, you will be pleased with the response from the largest opt in advertising newsletter list in Barbados.

  • Get started by sending an email to admin@BajanThings.biz with your Artwork/Flyer attached, the date or dates you would like your ad broadcast and your name and telephone number or by clicking Get Started

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Our One email a Day policy has the following benefits

Unlike our competitors, we only send one email a day to our email recipients.  Our mailing list members therefore receives less email clutter, resulting in higher rates opens & click through ... Better results.

  • The unsubscribe rate is significantly reduced, so there is more readership & it is less likely to be routed into the recipient's junk/spam box.

  • A subscriber may open the email to view a different advertisers ad based on the subject, but see's yours and becomes interested.

  • Since its one email, subscribers open the mail by default to see if there is anything of interest.

  • An advertiser can use the link from the emailed banner ad in their other promotional material ... i.e. they do not have to setup their own web page.

  • Audio, Video and other media can be used in this form of advertising.

  • After the advertiser has gone through the expense and effort of creating a website, this form of advertising will increase visits to that site.

StandAlone Ads

Full Page / Stand Alone broadcast is now available with personalized From: field and dedicated Subject: line.

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Offer our email recipients a benefit or discount they can ONLY access or redeem by showing your Ad with us on their mobile device at your cashier or payment collection station.

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