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Email Advertising?
Its Affordable and Effective

  • Bajan Things boast the largest, most effective online advertising service in Barbados. 
    We achieve this by reaching more than 35,000+ email recipients, PLUS we pay for the "Boosting and Promotion" of your ads at no additional cost to you via our Instagram and facebook pages. 
    This further extend the reach of your ad by the thousands via social media.

  • We also guarantee that provided your message is clear, and your offering is compelling, that you will be pleased with the response from the largest opt in advertising newsletter list in Barbados.

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To get Started
 Include the following in an email to us at   [email protected] :

your flyer/artwork
.  your name and billing contact information
.  the number of broadcasts you want
.  your preferred dates of broadcast (optional)

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Artwork specs:

Your main FLYER should be sent to us as either a pdf or jpg
As an image file, it should be ~300dpi and no larger than 250Kb/s in size:

  1. In Portrait mode , it should be no more than 650 pixels wide, but can be any length.

  2. In Landscape mode, it should be no more than 700 pixels wide, but can be any length.


Video, Audio and Links to websites or facebook pages can be accommodated at no additional cost.

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