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What is a Business Newsletter?

Its and affordable and effective means of building and maintaining a direct communication link with persons interested in your products and services.

  • With Bajan Things Business Newsletter Email service, we start you off with an emil list of over 40,000 local email recipients for you to develope a relationship with to promote and build your brand.
  • All newsletters sent from this list will carry you business branding and email. There will be NO reference to Bajan Things.
  • Bajan THings hosts your email list and automatically performs critical list management functions. These functions can include: signup for new subscribers and their ability to unsubscribe with one click.

    In addition, Bajan THings handles the bounced emails for you. If you use your email system, you are probably overwhelmed by the bounces that you receive in your email box. Bajan THings will manage bounces, differentiating between reasons for the bounce (including full mailbox, vacation message, nonexistent address or blocked). Managing these critical list management functions using your standard email system is time consuming, confusing, and prone to error.
  • 84,000+ email receipients is a great starting point. However, expect that within a few months your list will be down between 30 to 60%. This core of remaining members will be persons that are interested in your service, with whom you can build and maintain a productive realationship with.

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One of the biggest tasks facing many businesses today is gaining and keeping prospective customers. Increasingly, most companies are turning to the newsletters as an effective way to market their products and services. Countless entrepreneurs send out a company newsletter from veterinarians and hospitals to restaurants and entertainment businesses.

Marketers take advantage of what these company letters can provide to upgrade their status in the industry. If you are looking forward to meeting your business goals, then you can explore the possibility by investing in a company newsletter.

Newsletters are being widely used by many companies who have claimed a lot of benefits of using these marketing tools to promote their businesses. You may want have an in-depth look at some of these great benefits of using newsletters.

1. Effective communication
Newsletters are given out as written way of communicating to the customers. They keep the business top of mind with the clients and potential customers. A timely newsletter will convey a particular message and will spread it to many other people in the quickest time possible.Newsletters are also a great place to make a personal connection with your clients.

2. Establish brand recognition
Newsletters with useful and relevant information are strong marketing tools and a sure way to announce new products and services in the company. They create brand recognition by allowing you to get the word quickly and effectively. The brand gets more exposure through the newsletter thus enticing prospective buyers.

3. Increase client loyalty
By regularly contacting your customers through informative newsletters, you help the customers and prospects develop a strong brand preference for your company. As long as the company newsletter contains valuable information, you should begin to find that your clients appreciate the newsletters and they look forward to the next issue.

4. Increase website traffic
A company newsletter with your website links encourages the customers to visit the site to check out what’s new, therefore increasing the traffic. Having a large number of quality newsletters can be a very reliable asset in terms of website promotion which could lead to more product sales.

5. Cost effective
Newsletters can be delivered efficiently and effectively at very affordable prices with good marketing services thus saving your money. However, this does not mean that the content should be compromised as one would lose customer trust and the newsletter subscribers.

6. Increase public and media exposure
Newsletters are often read by many bloggers, the media and the public as a whole. This provides the much needed exposure for your business thus increasing the sales.

7. Longer shelf life
If incorporated with contents of greater value such healthy tips, a calendar of events or a recipe, the company newsletter can go a long way in exciting the clients and prospects for a long period of time.

8. Communicate sale information
A company newsletter is a great way of informing your customers on any upcoming sales. This helps grow sales among your current customer base.

9. Establish company’s expertise
By giving out newsletters containing useful and relevant content, you can establish the company’s expertise in the industry.

10. Save time
With the introduction of electronic newsletters, you can now save a lot of time for your business. Designing and sending electronic newsletters is fast and simple making it the best marketing tool.

There are many benefits of this terrific marketing tool. Sending a company newsletter on a regular basis is a sure way of keeping your business ahead of the competition.

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